viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Caru Skincare


Im an obsessive skincare fan. Every year I find myself on a new hunt for a better lotion, game-changing mask or some serum that makes my skin feel cleaner and fresher. Im not sure if its just my inner control-freak or another calling to be an aesthetician, but I cant get enough when it comes to great skincare lines. Sowhen my love of design and skincare can overlap, Im inordinately excited. Caru Skincare is a beautiful line based in NYC. Using organic ingredients, they create some of the gentlest- and most beautiful- products on the market. I try a new moisturizer or serum practically every week (see: obsessed) so I feel experienced enough to say that this is one of the softest and lightest around. And the packaging- designed by Laura Shim- is so lovely (and is embedded with seeds you can plant!). I end up leaving a lot of my facial products out on my bathroom counter because I use them so frequently, so I value something that both works well and looks beautiful. You can check out Caru Skincare at this weekends Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn or view their full collection and order online right here. xo, grace



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