miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Cassie Griffin (or How I Bought A Water Pitcher Right Off a Restaurant Table)


This weekend I went to a friends 30th birthday party at a newly opened restaurant in Chinatown called Dimes. Its charming little spot that reminds me of The General Store and that sort of all-white-meets-earthy-ceramics-and-geometrics look thats happening a lot in northern California and parts of Brooklyn. While dinner was being served I noticed the gorgeous striped pitcher being used for water. It was so sweet and simple and I loved the watercolor feel of the slightly drippy stripes. Being the ceramics geek I am, I got up to find more information and discovered that Dimes sells a huge selection of pottery from the same artist, Cassie Griffin. Cassie is based in Red Hook, Brooklyn and works that sort of playful but minimalist style I love so much. Little handpainted faces decorate vases and cups, while simple vessels get contrasting black and cream colored glazes that make simple but bold statements. I wish I had bought more (especially this pitcher) while I was there, but Julia was sweet enough to ask if we could buy the actual water pitcher being used (there wasnt a pitcher style for sale at the shop) and the owner was kind enough to oblige. So now Im going to alternately fill mine with juice in the morning or flowers when the juice has run out. Cassie has a huge Tumblr page full of examples of her work right here, but the best way to pick up her work is to visit Dimes, where you can buy Cassies work in their online shop. xo, grace More images of Cassies work continue after the jump (more)



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