sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

Casual DIY Button Cushion Of Old Pants


There are many ways and materials for making a cushion but I?ve never heard of making a cushion of pants. To make one you?ll need old sweatpants, thread and needle, 2 buttons, lining. Start by cutting out the pants and side seams. Sew the pieces of fabric together so as to form the right piece of the cushion. Cut the back and front piece in the squares and in the same size. Sew the back and front piece leaving an opening at the bottom so that you could stuff it. Sew the opening and attach the large buttons on the center of the pillow on both back and front side. Enjoy!Similar Posts:DIY Pillows Made With Ties As A Cool Fathers Day GiftDIY iPod Case For Doing SportsDIY Lavender Sachets To Fill Your Things With Summer AromasCool DIY Round Pintuck PillowHow To Make A Mysterious Nebula PillowDIY Trendy Capitone Headboard Continue reading about Casual DIY Button Cushion Of Old Pants...



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