viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Change The World: Music from Karim Rashid

Design Milk

Karim Rashid has ventured into a whole new world with his latest project: a music album. Change the World EP: is his first foray into composing Electro-Pop music. The EP: includes three tracks with various mixes that evoke a feeling of futuristic yet robotic lullabies. Both playful and serious, the lyrics (sung/spoken by Karim himself and digitally manupulated) speak to his philosophies beyond design: object culture, commodity, spaces, technology, globalove, and our future global human landscape. Overall, its a little bizarre at first, but after a while (assuming you like Karims work and his message) it kind of drones you into a happy place, a place where youd totally volunteer to be part of Rashids robotic army of globalove. KariMusik is a new label that in the future will embrace diverse projects of objects / sounds / spaces with other electronic composers. Buy Change The World on iTunes.



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