viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013



The only details Christie Leong aka. christielpy on instagram states on her account is that she is an interior design student and a wanderer. Oh, and also that the photos she posts are only taken by her iphone. We wish we knew more about the girl behind these beautiful instagram feed.I don t know about you guys but when I find a great instagram account, I do some research . The number one thing I m interested to find out is where this amazing person is from so I can get an idea of where the photos are coming from. Like if there s a constant flow of snaps of croissants and the eiffel tower, then its a safe bet that this person is from France. Instagram lets you do some vicarious travelling during your lunch break, in that sense. Christie s subject matter ranges from food, to interiors, to outfits of the day, keeping her feed ever fresh and interesting. And she seems to have the in on where all the best cafes are, whether its in Singapore or across the border in Malaysia. (If more than just drinking coffee, you also love seeing pictures of it, like me, Christie s feed can cure your caffeine photo addiction) #BinstaGood.. Follow Christie on instagram.. Bloesem and Zaara S.  on instagram 



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