viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Co-Work Angel Workspace by PENSON

Design Milk

London-based Co-Work offers entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses shared workspaces with all the bells and whistles of a big corporation but with the cost of a small office. Their latest, Co-Work Angel, was designed by PENSON to be a modern office space that was anything but boring. While the bones of the space remain white, PENSON threw in vibrant colors like neon yellow trim and accents and turquoise carpets interspersed with gray and black. Exposed ductwork is painted the same yellow and each bank of desks is labeled with a neon yellow letter. Neutral colors are displayed throughout as not to make the pops of color too overwhelming. The glass that encloses the conference rooms is embellished with sets of angel wings helping to distinguish the enormous plain panels. Strips of red zig zag from floor to ceiling held taut by metal pipes. PENSON kept the workspaces bright and airy, and most definitely, full of character. If only all offices were designed this way!



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