jueves, 14 de noviembre de 2013

Cuttingboard love


Cutting boards, where do I begin, not only are they functional, like when you actually use them as a base to do your cutting on, but they also look beautiful to serve food on. Especially with the beautiful patterns and colors they come in nowadays. I have noticed an increased use of chopping/cutting boards in food presentation. From just the classic wooden chopping boards, to these cool geometric shaped plastic boards. They look great just as decorative pieces hanging in your kitchen! In conclusion, cutting boards look pretty, are functional for cutting and serving, and they come in so many different designs. You can even pimp up your old wooden chopping boards with leather straps! So the next time you re having a party or having some friends over for dinner, try serving food on chopping boards to create a really photogenic spread. Unless its soup or noodles or something thats going to slide right off, then just stick to bowls, we beg you.Have fun chopping board shopping! - Zara S. Image Links from top to bottom: Vintage cutting boards thrifted by Irene in NL :: mjolk :: FinelittleDay at Huset :: BOJ bywinterbird :: pimp your cuttingboards :: muller van severen :: RK design over at augna-yndi s blog ::  roddy ginger :: Irene vintage cutting boards.  



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