sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

Damm Lighting


I love seeing couples that have found a way to live and work together. These fun lights are the product of married couple (of 18 years), Robert and Brenda Zurn. Together they founded DAMM design studio (which stands for Design. Art. Means. Motive.) to explore work that blends the worlds of art and design. I was instantly smitten with their fungi-inspired lights that feel like the sprouted up from some futuristic forest floor. Their minimalist metal and wood table/desk lamps are beautiful, too. I think these tiny mushroom lamps would be so sweet clustered in a childs room, but theyd be right at home in a grown up (but not without a sense of humor) adults living room as well. Click here to check out DAMMs full selection and order online. xo, grace (more)



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