viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

DIY Advent Calendar With White Painted Animals


Ready to countdown to Christmas? If you are not, here?s a simple and great idea of an advent calendar. You?ll need 25 plastic animals, white spray paint, tiny red pompom balls, super glue, tweezer, Kraft boxes, number stencils, white craft paint. Spray paint animals white, some may need two coats. Once dry, super glue a pompom to each animal nose. Since the pompoms are so small, use a tweezer to place them on. When all the paint is dry and the animals, take super glue again and attach animal feet to top of box and let dry. Fill each box with candies and little toys!Similar Posts:DIY Colorful Pompom Heart For Valetines DayDIY Photo Holder Made Of A Deer ToyCute DIY Pompoms Wreath For Valentines DayDIY Colorful Hangers For You And Your KidDIY Golden Animal Candleholders For PartiesChic DIY Belt With A Rose Continue reading about DIY Advent Calendar With White Painted Animals...



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