sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

DIY Color Block Clock Of Wood


Color block things are gaining popularity, that?s why a simple color block clock is a great idea. The supplies are a clock kit, a wood clock base, acrylic paint of your choice, painters tape, a small paint brush, a pencil, sand paper, anything with a circular shape to trace around. Sand your clock to get a smooth texture. Then tape off half the wood with your painters tape and burnish it by smoothing with your nails. Using anything that has a round shape and is smaller than your clock, trace around the shape for a semi ? circle. Mix your paint with a bunch of water so it?s more of a wash rather than a thick layer of paint. The rest of the project is here, finish it and have fun!Similar Posts:DIY Rustic Wall ClockDIY Glitter Wooden Block Valentine PuzzlesDIY Honeycomb Baloon Gift ToppersHow To Make Wall-Mount TV Looks Like ArtBlack And White DIY Skull String ArtDIY Colorful Wall Clock For A Kids Room Continue reading about DIY Color Block Clock Of Wood...



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