jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

DIY Gold Chair Place Card Holders


The holiday season is on, so it?s high time to think of your table setting and accessories you need. To make these cute place card holders you?ll need toy furniture chairs, spray paint (gold), colored paper scissors, ball pins and a sharp pin. Spray paint your chairs in the desired color, and let dry. While you wait, cut paper circles and write the name of a guest on each one. Use the sharp pin to pierce the lower side of each circle, twice. Then pass a ball pin through both holes, as pictured above. When your chairs are dry, use the sharp pin to pierce a hole in each one. If they happen to be hard plastic, just heat up the pin before you proceed. Use the holes to place your ball pins and place cards.Similar Posts:10 DIY Thanksgiving Place Card IdeasDIY Mod Melts Embellished ClutchCool DIY Instacards For Holiday GiftsOriginal DIY Embroidered SunglassesDIY Baby Hand Christmas OrnamentDIY Spring Decor Stamped Pots Continue reading about DIY Gold Chair Place Card Holders...



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