domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

DIY Gold Wishbone Napkin Rings


Thanksgiving is coming and to accentuate your table décor you?ll need some pretty napkin rings, a table runner or original napkins. To make these cool wishbone napkin rings you?ll need oven bake clay, a craft knife and tin foil. Cut the block of clay into 4 equal sections. Then cut each section into three thin slices.  Each slice will become one wishbone, so cut each thin slice vertically into two pieces.  Roll out each piece until it?s between 3? and 4? long. Squeeze together two strands at one end, pinching the edges to round them off. To finish the wishbone napkin rings, look here and Happy Thanksgiving!Similar Posts:How To Make Easter Nest Napkin RingsUnique DIY Thanksgiving Napkin RingHow To Make A Geo Edison Pendant Light5 Cool DIY Crafts Of ScrabbleBeautiful DIY Clay MagnetsLast Minute Thanksgiving Decorations ? Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading about DIY Gold Wishbone Napkin Rings...



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