viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

DIY Marquee Letters Of Cardboard


Let?s make marquee letters to accentuate your space. You?ll need cardboard, a printer, an x-acto knife, a hot glue gun, scissors, paper and lights. Create the text you want in the size and font you like in Photoshop. Now you need to create your text template to trace out onto your cardboard. Trace those letters from the template onto large pieces of cardboard cut them out. Use an x-acto knife for the curves and hard to cut spots. Shuffle the letters around a bit to decide which colors to use for each letter. Place the scrapbook paper with the front facing. Lay your letter down with the front facing the table. Glue your letter onto the paper. To read the rest of the tutorial, look here.Similar Posts:DIY Wood Letter Art For ThanksgivingDIY Coffee Holder To Personalize Your CupGatsby Inspired DIY Jewelry BoxSimple Cardboard DIY CatscraperDIY Personalized Pillow With TextSuper Easy DIY Valentine Glitter Garland Continue reading about DIY Marquee Letters Of Cardboard...



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