domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

DIY Mint Milk Bath Recipe


Having a bath is always a joy! In the cold season your skin needs moisturizing and renovation, so this bath milk with mint is a great idea! The supplies are 1 c powdered milk, ¼ c cornstarch, ¼ c baking soda, 10 drops essential oil. Mix dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl and add essential oil to your taste, keeping in mind that it will be diluted in the bath tub and stir well. Add the mixture to your jar and allow to sit at least 24 hours. Add to the bath ? as much as you want ? and enjoy this refreshing mint experience!Similar Posts:Handmade Bath Bombs With Natural ExtractsDIY Lavender Bath SaltHomemade Mint And Cocoa Soap BarsHow To Make Citrus Bath SaltsDIY Honey Walnut Milk Soap10 Simple DIY Home Fresheners Continue reading about DIY Mint Milk Bath Recipe...



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