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Food In Motion: Healthy Vegetarian Side Dish For Thanksgiving


Hello everyone, are you ready to learn how to make a lovely, healthy side vegetarian dish for Thanksgiving this year? This is Jewels (Liz and I alternate months on decor8) with another episode of Food in Motion! So tell me, are you guys already thinking about what to make for Turkey day? I grew up in Germany and Thanksgiving had no meaning in my family?s life. My German family is looking forward to Christmas and can?t wait to have me and my new little family including my tiny daughter Clementine come visit. Over here in the US though, Thanksgiving is so important that I almost feel like it?s a trial run for Christmas! My husband?s mom has been browsing through food magazines for weeks to find inspiration. I am a vegetarian, so a shiny bird is not going to float my boat. I need some tasty alternatives that are a little more exciting than just mashed potatoes and sautéed carrots. I want to contribute something to this meal and of course also impress my American family with something that is healthy and super delicious at the same time.As I learned Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest. Good thing I am blessed with a beautiful farmers market that conveniently offers me their harvest every Wednesday. So I chose some winter veggies that I usually eat cooked but that are also edible raw. When I know that I will photograph something later, I always think of color, too. So I picked only white vegetables and then some green micro radishes for contrast. They are full of flavor and vitamins! For some excitement I decided to make a vinaigrette with sparkling wine. I have never made that before but I had heard of it and it always sounded like a great idea to have some bubbly in a vinaigrette. Mmmh.. and it turned out to be true. But try for yourself!Here is the recipe for 2 portions:1/4 of a small cauliflower1/2 fennel1/4 of a small white cabbage1/2 shallot1/2 small applejuice of half a lime1 small handful of micro radishesVinaigrette:1 tablespoons of sparkling wine3 table spoons of olive oil3 table spoons of red wine vinegar1 teaspoon of agavejuice of the other half of limesaltpepperHow To: Shave all the veggies and the apple into thin slices. Pour the lime juice onto the apple to keep it from browning. For the vinaigrette put all liquids and the spices in a small jar and shake well. Pour the vinaigrette of the salad and enjoy!Next month, see what Liz will make for a Christmas sweet treat! Bye for now Jewels.(text/copy/video: julia jewels cawley)



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