sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Gemma Patford


I enjoy following this creative lady from Australia in her working process ... Gemma makes these beautiful rope baskets and adds little details in paint or needlework. It says it all in her quirky instagram description: Lady Gemma, Painter of Ropes, Printer of Screens, First of the Macrame Bloodline  . Haha!It s because of artists like Gemma that macrame, weaving and other crafty things are making a major comeback. She is one of the artists that is really helping to revamp this world of hands-on crafts and at the same time, inspiring people like myself to do it too. You just can t help it when you see someone else creating such beautiful works, your hands start itching to have a go at it as well.Getting to see artists at work and the process behind the final creations is the best part of instagram sometimes. So if you want to find out more behind the scenes about your favorite labels or even artists like Gemma, you should really go check out their instagram feeds!For more of Gemma, here s her websiteDo you guys know any other inspiring artists on instagram? #BinstaGood.. Gemma Patford on instagram.. Bloesem and Zaara S.  on instagram 



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