martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

Happy Lamps by Retro Print Revival


Mamma Mia! I came across these lamps and Im smitten by their serious retro throwback fun and funky! Such total sweetness from Retro Print Revival today. On this gray, overcast Autumn day all I can say is that accessories in the home with punch, like these lamps, are certainly needed to bring in a little cheer dont you think? The first shown below is my fave, but I love the one with the stars, too.Are you as obsessed with lamps (and chairs) as I am? I am thinking to buy a few new pendants when I move next month so Ive been scouting for something unique and eye-catching. There are so many choices. So I think Ill have to keep pinning to my Lighting Pinboard on Pinterest to help me narrow down my selections. Im usually Pinterest for that a lot more these days for shopping! But before lighting is seriously considered, I have to select paint and wallpaper for the new apartment. But then most definitely, pendants are next on the ever-growing renovation and move to-do listHope youre having a great weekend so far!(images: retro print revival)Content decor8. For personal, non-commercial use only. Public display of full content on any website prohibited (constitutes copyright violation). Feed ID: cdaa5590db8fca9e92d06113ccfa4e5eRelated posts:Zoe Darlington LampsCrate and Barrel LampsDIY: Creative Paper Lamps



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