domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Have a Great Weekend + We?re Moving!


Hello friends! Its been so nice to spend the week with you. Im off now to enjoy a little weekend time with friends and family, but I wanted to pop in to wish you a very happy weekend and to say that I hope you find something inspirational and magical out there so that once Monday morning rolls in, you truly feel like you had a great few days off. I approach each weekend with the goal to do something, at least one thing, that is really inspirational and emotionally filling so that a weekend doesnt end up a big blur or errands and stress. Maybe you can approach them in the same manner if you dont already? Especially now as the holidays draw closer and things are about to go from normal to totally bonkers.I want to mention, because lots of you are asking about my pregnancy and ability to work at my desk so much, that my laptop has been my best friend lately as Im now teaching Blogging Your Way online for the next month and I like jumping around my workroom to sit in different areas depending on how I feel or how active the baby is. Sometimes when he is kicking a lot, I dont like to sit on my Eames chair at my long work table (shown above) but prefer the Herman Miller ergonomic one at my desk, instead. Other times I like to stand and work, so I put my laptop on my counter in the kitchen! Whatever works, right?Oh and BY THE WAY We are moving! Oh. My. Goodness. Right? So I wont have the baby room finished and ready for you until around Christmas, but once its ready Ill do a tour of his room and show you some of the renovations and etc. along the way in the rest of the space. We have only this month and December to strip wallpaper, refinish walls, paint 9 rooms, a kitchen pantry, a hallway and 2 bathrooms. We are also having hardwood floors installed in part of the new apartment in the hallway and 3 bedrooms so that the entire apartment has wood flooring and not just the front rooms (currently the back rooms are linoleum that is 10 years old and looks like wood its pretty rough looking to put it kindly). In this apartment, most of the rooms will have a different wall color (more or less) and Im adding wallpaper so my days of only pure white walls are over for now because unlike my current one, the apartment gets tons of light and is much brighter and because its only a few floors up (yay!) its the same layout as this apartment so I can have wall color now without worrying about making the place feel dark and dreary. Yay!We have all of the painting to do (were hiring help, were not doing this ourselves) this month and then the first few weeks of December, the new flooring will go in. We selected the flooring yesterday with the carpenter they look really nice. When the floors are being installed, Ill start packing and well move slowly over the course of Christmas and the first week of January. Again, its only a few floors upstairs from here (we have 4 floors in our building, well be on the 3rd which in Germany is called Etage 2), so it wont be that stressful we just need movers but no moving truck! Then Ill unpack and try to pull the house together in a flash Im plotting out the floor plans now and getting all of my ideas in order. Then my bouncing baby boy should arrive during the final week of January so we seriously have to hustle.Yes, it will be nuts, I am nuts to do this maybe, but I love this kind of stress because it involves change, decorating and fast decision-stuff which fuels me, so Im not worried. Plus, Im not working after December 1 just blogging on decor8 but Im taking December March completely OFF other than decor8 so I wont have books to write, classes to teach or clients to work for. Im also not accepting more magazine work until Spring. By moving, we dont have to put our baby in the tiny closet-sized guest bedroom that is cold and not so pretty he will have his own big, sunny and lovely bedroom. I want him to love his room and want to play in there as he gets older and who knows when well ever buy a house, so there is no time like the present and great apartments do not list here very often so we had to say YES. :)This is about to get real, yall!Have a wonderful weekend and Ill see you again on Monday!xo,Holly(photo: holly becker)Content decor8. For personal, non-commercial use only. Public display of full content on any website prohibited (constitutes copyright violation). Feed ID: cdaa5590db8fca9e92d06113ccfa4e5eRelated posts:Have A Great Weekend!Make Your Weekend Great!Have a Great Weekend!



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