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Hobonichi Planner Cover Design

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Over the summer and autumn, PingMag has been on a search. Starting with an interview with Shigesato Itoi and then the curious connections with the video game EarthBound, weve been hunting for why it is that in this All-Digital era there are still thousands of people who love to use a physical Hobonichi Planner to write in and organize their lives. Well, theres no simple answer to its appeal.But there is at least one thing we can confidently state as a major reason for its success, and thats the wealth of Hobonichi Planner covers from which you can select the perfect design for you.And so with this in mind, we wanted to showcase some of our personal favorites!Simple is BestWe all know that in the end, simple and clean is the best. Well, if you are of this ilk, then youll want something plain, though this neednt be boring, as these bold colors prove.Colors Apple GreenColors Milky BlueExpress Who You AreA planner is something you take around with you everyday so choosing the design is also something that reflects your personality. And since the Hobonichi Planner is well-known for having a wide range of covers, youre bound to find one that suits you.Faux Fabric Vintage FlowerFaux Fabric TartanZippers Leather: Champagne GoldZippers Yard Work: Mustard YellowMickey!Isnt Mickey Mouse for kids? No, not true. Here are some Mickey and Minnie designs that are certainly for grown-ups.Disney Vintage Mickey?C? Disney NEUTRAL CORPORATION, Ltd.?C? Disney NEUTRAL CORPORATION, Ltd.Disney Wheres Minnie? Red X WhiteA Cover with your Favorite BrandHobonichi Planner has also collaborated with famous brands for some covers, making them must-have items for fans.minä perhonen piece,minä perhonen skyful [yellow mix]North Face Field Pack BlueFamous Artists Work in Your Hands, Every DayIf your cover is the work of an individual artist then needless to say, its going to be more personal and conspicuous more than a regular generic design.Ryoji Arai Ill listen to you anytime, says the donkey.Taro Okamoto TARO: ConstructionZippers by Kodue Hibino: Forest BearBody, Soul, and Daily Planning: Do it all like a grown-up!When adults carry a wallet or bag, more often than not its a leather one, and the same goes for their planner too. Leather says grown-up and the material even has that rare quality of getting better with age.Leather Covers: Premium Tanned Cow HideLeather Covers by Henry Cuir: VOLUME ChiaroHobonichi Planner: Dark Brown



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