sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

I need these immediately: Ikea Ranarp Lights


Oh, IKEA, you seductive little temptress, you. This is always how you get me. Right when my wallet is at its emptiest and Ive reached my absolute spending limit for the week the month eternity. You gotta go and release something AWESOME. As if you werent awesome enough already with your cute little duvet covers and Swedish meatballs. Nope?you have to go and one-up yourself and come out with something like your new RANARP lights. IKEA, you totally have my number. Because these lights? They are all Ive ever wanted. With beautiful matte-coated bodies, brass [okay, it s painted brass color ] details, and cloth covered black and white cords (are you hyperventilating yet?), these little lovelies are beyond chic for their rock-bottom price. Did I mention that they start at $19.99? Yeah. In conclusion: IKEA, you are my spirit animal. And reader, get over to IKEA before I beat you to it and buy every single one of these bad boys! ?Max Thanks to Deuce Cities Henhouse for the heads up!



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