domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

in the kitchen with: izy?s bacon thyme yorkshire puddings


I have tried for so long to get some traditional British cooking here on the column and finally Ive done it!  We have over the years had the Eton Mess, the traditional English meal, and today we have bacon and thyme Yorkshire puddings, by blogger Izy from Top with Cinnamon.   I love the tutorials that Izy does on her blog, and am really happy to have her recipe on the column this week because it is perfect for Sunday lunch.  In the United States, we call these popovers and generally use a deeper pan, but dont be turned off if you dont have a special pan for these.  You can use muffin tins.  If you have a traditional British recipe of any sort that you would like to share (please, no offal!), please reach out through our submissions at address!  -Kristina About Izy Izy is the author and photographer behind the blog Top With Cinnamon, where she documents her baking creations.  She comes from a long line of women who bake, the strongest influence being that of her Italian-American mother.  where she lives with her family.  She currently lives in London with her family and loves baking, cooking, crafts and fashion!   (She?s also a complete computer and chemistry nerd!) (more)



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