sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

Killa Coat Rack by Olli Mustikainen

Design Milk

Killa Coat Rack is a minimalist design created by Finland-based designer Olli Mustikainen, who is a Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences graduate with a degree in Industrial Design. His portfolio is a diverse assemblage of unique materials and aesthetics. His most recent project, Killa Coat Rack, is constructed of oiled oak, and maintains a more tame design compared to the rest of his works. The rack consists of a single rod that runs across a pair of stilts with the rod serving both a structural and functional purpose. Outerwear pieces can be hung on the rod while shoes can be placed underneath. The design is particularly airy, and all of the clothing is exposed and presented in a way that resembles a fashion stores showroom. Ive seen a few of these open hanger-type designs, and I am definitely now in favor of having these displayed at the entryway.



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