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One Room Challenge: Week Five ? Twas the Week Before Reveal

Design Crisis

And all through the house, not a project was finished it was time to get soused. The rest of that ditty can take a hike, except for the bit about martinis dancing through my head. That is how the poem goes, right?So friends, we find ourselves near the end of the One Room Challenge (catch up on earlier posts HERE). Let me say that six weeks is quite the grueling schedule to decorate, shoot, post, and completely redesign a room. But in all honesty, its good to have deadlines without them I might have lived in a Triple XXX peach dinette forever. Or at least until my husband threatened divorce. Im pretty sure that was on the horizon, so a huge thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for organizing this challenge!This past week was fraught with obstacles like kid sickness, parent sickness, and mental sickness. Tis the season for sharing, you know. Let it be known that I battled a veritable river of bodily fluids to bring you updates. Because I care.I am kind of being a tease here because a fair amount of choices have been made, but they are still top secret hush hush. Anticipation is the best part of well, everything. Except for martinis. Anyway, I do have a table but Im still working out seating and this represents just a tiny fraction of the options I have stocked in the garage. My husband is thrilled about this.Thonet chairs and stools on top of stools on top of stools, oh my. I am having a lot of conflicting thoughts about seating right now. Some strange perversion of the mind has taken hold and is forcing a philosophical rigor upon the situation wherein I only like chairs that speak to the chairness of chairs. You know, like Plato and stuff. Somehow no cantilevered, nor panton, nor frankly any kind of not-plain CHAIR will do. This is a weird turn of events because I normally love all of those things just not for this space at this time. I may have to do a bench or stools to get around this self imposed hurdle.Oh hey, did you notice that I got new blinds? Someone is probably going to say they look like the old blinds, but that is incorrect.The old blinds were this shiny orange monolith too heavy to be drawn up and down on a whim. So I got myself to Lowes and had some stick blinds custom cut, et voila!I think they look light, fluffy and neutral. Plus they hide my ugly window clips. I like them a lot.I also got a new fancy door knob from Rejuvenation for the ugly arched panel door I hope to replace someday. Its a bit like gilding a stinkbug, but there is is.Sexy black porcelain and unlacquered brass, yum. Im going to let it get all dirty and patinated so it hides jelly smeared fingerprints. And then when I get a new door this baby is coming with No one gets left behind! Except for ugly doors and blinds.I have also been steadily accruing a huge amount of thrifted accessories for my table setting. Ive never really put together a big girl holiday table before, so that is high on my to do list. This year, retinas will be seared and eyes will be generally blinded by all manner of scintillating wares. I have enough gold, crystal, and glossy porcelain to make Kate Spade cry uncle into her polka dotted napkins.Hello $5 gold Florentine flatware! Rope-a-dope, people. Im in it to win it.Now if only I could figure out what to do for seating, decide on my ding dang art already, and nail down the overarching direction of styling and moodMaybe Im just in it to finish it. Wish me luck.As always, please do visit my lovely co-challengees to see how they are faring this week.Calling it HomeChinoiserie ChicClassic Casual HomeCottage and VineDesign Addict MomDesign IndulgenceDesign ManifestThe English RoomThe Green Room Interiors Henhurst InteriorsLittle Black DoorMaddie?s NestMix And ChicMy Notting HillPawleys Island PoshThe Pink PagodaShelterSimple DetailsThe Vault FilesA toute a lheure!Related posts:One Room Challenge: Week Three Make it Work MeltdownOne Room Challenge: Week Four Art ShowOne Room Challenge: Week One Dinette Disaster



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