jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Orphan Socks


{1. equilateral nails  2. brass pot stand 3. soki silhouettes necklace 4. book darts }Today we shine the light on Orphan Socks. This brilliant website is an eclectic mix of items. It s Amsterdam-based and collects and sells unique and personal designs. Orphan Socks stands for exceptional ordinariness for simple design, but not without an air of cool elegance. They sell a balanced blend of modest and accessible design where craftsmanship and small brands are more important than transient trends and established names.The site along with its products, give me the vibe of a really upscale flea market. Let me explain! It has this sense of mystery and excitement, like I am not going to expect what great finds are hidden within! Also I like how the designs are really different and less mainstream in hipster talk . All in all, the experience of browsing through their site is more like a treasure hunt and less of a tab-opening-and-immediate-closing process i usually go through when online shopping.If you are still wondering how they got their name... In the meanwhile we love big city urban life but can also smile about small domestic phenomena like that one sock piece in your laundry ... {5. brass toolholder 6. to-mo-ni wrapwrap 7. concrete shaving set } .. Orphan Socks  



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