viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2013

Painting With Farrow & Ball


Hi everyone! Aside from rugs, Ive been dreaming about pale gorgeous paint colors lately that let in and bounce around a ton of light. Yesterday, my Farrow Ball order arrived and tomorrow, it will go up on some of the walls in my new place. I truly cannot wait. Here are the colors Ive chosen for my dining room (which doubles as a teaching space when I hold classes), kitchen and our babys room. Im still trying to figure out what to do with our hallway so if you have any paint suggestions Id be tickled to learn more because its the one space in the new apartment that I cant seem to envision. I have this vision of every other room except the hallway.Okay so Dimpse (grayish) will be the color of my dining room/teaching studio.Cabbage White (greenish) will go into the nurseryAnd Borrowed Light (blueish though it looks green, I know) is the paint Im undecided on. I was going to put it in my kitchen but when I opened the can, its looking way more baby blue than gray blue so Im frightened! Ill test it tomorrow on the wall and let you know My current kitchen is Elephants Breath and I love it but wanted to try something new this time.Now for the hallway. Here is a photo I snapped a few days ago I plan to get a radiator cover for the heater.The painters told me to just paint it white, though I wanted to wallpaper the left wall to give the hall something a bit unexpected, but they told me it will not look good and honestly, I didnt feel like battling them because I wasnt convinced myself. Then one of them suggested wallpapering one strip, painting one strip, wallpapering one strip, painting the other So alternating between wallpaper and paint, and I stood there and thought, What the huh!?. So Im going to just paint the walls because I dont have time to order wallpaper the guys want to paint the wallpaper in about a week But I think pure white isnt the answer here either. It tends to not be a very bright hallway, and I love light and joy in my home, so Im thinking the color really needs to be uplifting, understated and give the hallway a little impact. I almost wonder if Borrowed Light should go in the hallway instead so it doesnt go to waste if its not looking right in the kitchenOr a lovely pale stone color Hmmm.We are installing industrial white pendants down the hallway that we already own and dont plan to get rid of, and theyll just disappear into the whiteness of the walls. The floors, by the way, will be brand new hardwood with a matte finish and will be installed sometime early December.So much work, but so rewarding I will keep sharing photos as we go along so you can follow our progress.Hope my friends in America enjoy Turkey Day! Ill be dreaming of being at my moms house for turkey and stuffing(photos: farrow ball, bottom: holly becker)



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