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Segmented Cubes Residence, Israel

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This intriguing dwelling comes from the extraordinary vision of Argentinian architect Nestor Sandbank, who currently lives in Israel working as part of the Extreme Makeover Israel team. As well as performing extreme home makeovers, Sandbank also designs high-end homes like we see here for the rich and elite. This particular home explores a mature familys need for individual, private pockets of space within a connected home setup, an idea which is truly representative of how the modern family unit has evolved.In an age where grown children are staying at home for longer, wouldnt it be fabulous if each offspring could inhabit their own little off-shot within the homestead? More than just a bedroom and en suite, but each enjoy their own little lounge space to kick back in as well? If only we all had a grand property like the Cubes villa, there would never be any need for the family to part at all (although not everyone may think this a good thing)The Cubes villa offers micro-dwelling units complete with all of these things, as well as a great view over the central swimming pool and sun decks to promote a family holiday feel and encourage socializing. The other common areas, situated over two stories along the longer axis of the L-shaped property, are also designed to bring these private dwellers out of their shells, and include an in-house cinema room, a games room complete with table tennis and snooker table, and a well stocked designer kitchen to name just some.Huge panes of glass form exterior walls that can shut the world out at the touch of a button.The menagerie of spaces are almost entirely automated, a technological surprise amongst the natural greenery surrounding the home, where the garden plays host to an abundance of organic fruit trees offering up home-grown oranges, grapefruits, lemons and avocados.The interior of the home is adorned with large works of art that sing against stark white walls and concrete, their colorful pallets complimented by the warm wood floors.Via DesignboomFor more regular updates from Home Designing, join us on Facebook. If you are reading this through e-mail, please consider forwarding this mail to a few of your friends who are into interior design. Come on, you know who they are! Related Posts: 10 Extraordinary Bedrooms Space Saving Tiny Apartment, New York The Makings of a Modern Bedroom Fashion Forward Open Plan House Spanish Casa Surrounded by Nature Teen Room Design - Set 6 (Random)



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