miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Stiicks: Chic Frames For The Rest of Us


When decorating my home, one of the most frequent frustrations I have is the absolute dearth of attractive, affordable frames out there. I understand why custom framing can be prohibitively expensive, but the pre-made market offers little in the way of comparable alternatives. Too often, the mass-market frames out there are shoddy constructions, made with fake glass and even faker wood. When it comes to hanging prints and artwork on a budget, the good options out there are irritatingly hard to come by. That is? until now. Enter Stiicks?the brainchild of Brandon Knowlden, a Chicago-based designer. Built with sustainably-sourced wood right here in the United States, Stiicks offers a remarkably simple and simply beautiful alternative to expensive custom frames. Made with industrial strength magnets, Stiicks grips your prints and artwork and allows for quick swapping, should you decide to change things up. I know that I have a closet full of posters and prints that are dying to see the light of day?and I imagine a lot of you out there are in the same boat. I cant wait to get my hands on a set of these guys so I can get my art-hang on! ?Max Check out Brandons Kickstarter video for the project below:



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