sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

Thanksgiving (Kid?s) Table: Rinne Allen & Lucy Allen Gillis


Thanksgiving kids tables can be a little bit controversial at times. On one hand, you dont want to alienate the youngsters and make them feel unwelcome amongst the adults, but on the other?sometimes you just want to enjoy the company and conversation of your more grown-up friends! I know that personally, whenever I was placed at a kids table as a child, I always felt a little bit resentful. Perhaps, however, if the kids table was made to look as beautiful and welcoming as this iteration, I would have been a little bit more open to the suggestion! Created by photographer Rinne Allen and her talented sister, Lucy Allen Gillis, this interpretation of the childrens Thanksgiving table is the perfect amalgam of playful and sophisticated. Using a mixture of plain dinnerware from West Elm and a number of curiosity-inspiring objects, this thoughtfully decorated table provides a separate space for the kids, but allows them to feel welcome, included, and unforgotten. Check out all of the beautiful photos plus Rinnes notes after the jump! ?Max (more)



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