sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

This Restaurant Facade Tricks The Eye With Tape

Design Milk

Based in Madrid and Barcelona, this team of interior designers and art directors banded together to form (fos), a multidisciplinary agency that tackles all kinds of projects, including this ephemeral installation they call (fos). Named after their own agency, (fos) means melted in Catalan and light in Greek, which happens to perfectly describe the new façade of this restaurant in Madrid. By using the color yellow to trick the eye, the restaurants façade now gives off a visual illusion of a projected beam of light from the light fixture hanging above. The team got busy with gobs of yellow tape, pineapples, painted pieces of art, lawn furniture, and accessories to create a visual spectacle that messes with your perspective. When standing directly in front of the building, it looks as if an exaggerated single beam of light is shining down on the building and street. The yellow tape covers both the walls and street surfaces, following along with the shape of the beam. The results create a visual game of perspective and colored volumes that are sure to draw attention from anyone passing by.



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