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Wedding DIY: Dress Hanger


Image above: de la Barra Photography When planning our Design*Sponge wedding shoot, we were completely captivated by the deep reds of the dinner plate dahlias are in season during the Fall. Their deep red color made us think of wine and so wine became a little secondary theme for our wedding shoot. We created this wine-inspired photo backdrop. And our styling consultant on the shoot, Ginny Branch Stelling, came up with this project that actually uses wine as a material. I love the idea of crafting a special hanger for your wedding dress. It would also be fun to make one for each of your bridesmaids. If youre not planning a wedding anytime soon, this idea could be extended for to your coat closet hangers one for each member of the family and then a couple of guest hangers. Its all about the details! Thanks to Jenn Gietzen for the hand-lettering on this project!.   -Amy Project Photography by Kathryn McCrary Dress: the Laverne Gown by Catherine Deane Materials Needed Wooden Hangers Sandpaper 6 bottles of cheap wine Large, wide bucket or tub Liquid Frisket Rubber Eraser Step 1: Sand wooden hangers all over to remove finish. The wood needs to be raw so it can absorb dye. Step 2: Take liquid frisket and calligraph either bride and maids or the names of the bridal party. This will mask off the lettered area so the natural wood will come through. See the rest of the how-to after the jump! (more)



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