miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

12 Geometric Ornaments


Ive had a hard time letting the geometric trend go- mainly because it makes everything feel so darn clean and tidy. I love a soft edge and organic shapes as much as the next person, but theres something about geometric shapes that pleases my inner neat freak. So to celebrate those clean lines and sharp edges, I rounded up 10 great geometric ornaments that will keep your tree looking fresh and modern. And if these arent your thing, hang in there for many more ornament options coming up! xo, grace Image above: Geometric Ornaments by Hinzhej on Etsy, $33.45 for 4 Image above: Geometric ornaments by FlaneursPocket on Etsy, $25 Image above: Geometric embroidered gems $40 for set of 5 More ornaments continue after the jump! (more)



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