viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

12 Modern Christmas Tree Skirts


This year my favorite bit of holiday decorating was a striped tree basket from Terrain. I dont actually put gifts under my tree for a few reasons. First, Hope will tear them to shreds. Second, Turk will tear them to shreds. And third, I exchange gifts with my family in person so I just leave them packaged and packed so I can drive them to Virginia. So rather than a flowing tree skirt, I love how neat and tidy this basket feels under the tree. It makes everything feel clean and modern without taking away from the overall warmth of the tree. Keeping with that theme, I decided to round up the best tree skirts and baskets on the market. From simple linen and burlap to bold Marimekko patterns, theres something here to dress up any tree. Happy decorating! xo, grace Image above, clockwise from top left: Galvanized Tree Collar $60, Basket Tree Skirt $58, Snowdrop Tree Skirt $178, Navidad Tree Collar $60, Felt Mistletoe Tree Skirt $39 (more)



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