viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

14 DIY Foodie Christmas Ornaments


I think that foodie ornaments look even cozier than usual ones because they mostly smell fantastic. Let?s see what we can make using some products from the kitchen. The easiest and most aromatic way to do that is to dry some apples, oranges or other fruit and hang them as an ornament. For a nice aroma hang also cinnamon sticks or cranberries onto your Christmas tree. Are you good at cooking? Then bake some amazing cookies using apple sauce to make them durable and hang them onto the tree or make a garland. Gingerbread houses as decorations? Yes, please! Enjoy more foodie ornament tutorials below and have fun!Similar Posts:18 Delicious Edible Christmas Gifts That You Can Easily Make Yourself16 Amazing Gingerbread Christmas Crafts29 Red And Yellow Apples Ideas For Fall Decor18 Cool Cinnamon Crafts To Feel Christmas Spirit50 DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments15 Ideas To Make Cool Thanksgiving Garlands Continue reading about 14 DIY Foodie Christmas Ornaments...



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