miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

18 Awesome Christmas Tree Skirts To Make


A tree skirt is a necessary thing because masking the base of your tree is essential to add to the festive spirit and not spoil the décor on the whole. You can make a skirt of different materials ? of paper, cardboard, fabric and so on. If you are good at sewing, choose fabric and make a pretty skirt ? colorful or not, with patches or not, you can even embroider some snowflakes on the skirt. If you like crocheting, you can crochet a colored Granny-inspired skirt for the tree. A cardboard box can hide the base of the tree well and you can cover it with gift wrapping to make it look like a gift. Look for more inspiring ideas below and Merry Christmas!Similar Posts:DIY Christmas Crochet Hanging DecorationsDIY Crocheted Flat Christmas Ball12 Adorable DIY Advent Christmas Trees16 Exciting Chalkboard Crafts For Christmas34 Awesome Winter Garlands For Creating An AtmosphereHow To Make A Simple Summer Skirt Continue reading about 18 Awesome Christmas Tree Skirts To Make...



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