viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

20 Great Beauty & Bath Gifts


Writing this beauty guide each year is one of my favorite things. Not only because it gives me a chance to break from my normal home design category, but it lets me talk about my other passion: skincare. I do not wear makeup very often, and when I do, I wear it sparingly. When I find something I love, Im passionate and devoted to that product. So when I say these 20 bath beauty finds are tested and recommended, I mean it with 100% certainty. Theres not a single product in this guide I havent used and loved myself, so this is most definitely my must-have, go-to guide for anyone looking to gift beauty goods this year. Whether youre stuffing stockings with Japanese exfoliating cloths (Julia introduced them to Amy and me and now were both obsessed) or splurging on heavenly Rodin face oil (basically liquid gold), theres something here for everyone. And if all else fails, try the Ilia lip balm. That is a winter lip saver. xo, grace All 20 shopping sources + 7 more beauty finds after the jump (all of which come with a personal explanation of why I love them)! (more)



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