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2013 Year in Review: Designer Dailies

Design Milk

We spent the last twelve months being a voyeur into the world of designers and their everyday lives in our Designer Dailies column. Step back in time to see how they spent their days. Yield Design We journeyed to San Francisco to spend the day with Yield Design as they prepared to launch their very first product, the Yield Picnic Bag, a bag that unfolds to become a picnic blanket. Brooks Atwood of POD Design New York-based Brooks Atwood has taken the design world by storm this year, first with designing several new products, but also making it to the finals of HGTV Star. This Assistant Professor of Industrial Design at NJIT let us spend the day with him where youll get insight into his incredibly fun personality. Blair Prietz from RIT Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a student of industrial design? We followed along with RIT student Blair Prietz to get a feel for what the average day in the life of a student in design school is really like. Tanya Aguiñiga Los Angeles-based Tanya Aguiñiga, of Aguiñiga Studio, is known for being a furniture designer and fiber artist (youve probably caught sight of her rope bracelets before). She lets us in to see how she dips and dyes rope for a particular installation she was creating for the Laguna Art Museum. Magdalena Keck We spend a typical day with Manhattan-based interior designer Magdalena Keck, who takes inspiration from the world around her, like nature, art, and technology. Tamara Yurovsky from Parsons Tamara Yurovsky had multiple degrees under her belt when she had an epiphany after an internship and working for a real estate developer. The episode led her back to school at Parsons to earn the dual degree Master of Architecture and MFA Lighting Design. During her third year in the program, she let us follow her around for the day to get a glimpse into daily life for a student there. ACME Studio We traveled to Maui for a day in the life of Lesley Bailey and Adrian Olabuenaga, the founders of product design company ACME Studio. Cranking out writing instruments, stationery accessories, watches, mens silk ties, and much more, keeps this creative duo busy. Take a look to see how they live and work. Meshu Meshu is anything but a typical jewelry company with Rachel Binx and Sha Hwang at the helm. Their unique jewelry line is based on the places on a map that you specify or on your Foursquare check-ins. When we caught up with them in Australia they had recently packed up and left San Francisco to explore the world. Ryan Sims of Rdio San Francisco designer Ryan Sims leads the design team at Rdio, the digital music service that has reinvented how people listen to and discover music. We tag along for a typical day in the Rdio office, with a few excursions thrown in. Caroline Gomez French designer Caroline Gomez launched her first collection back in 2009, full of simple creations often made out of wood in its purest form. Her line of minimal wares continues to grow and we get a peek into her creative world on, A day almost as the others. Apparatus You probably know Apparatus for their playful, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures made from salvaged components and contemporary materials. See how the duo spends a typical workday in New York City. black+blum We zipped across the pond to hang out with Dan Black and Martin Blum, founders of black+blum. The duo has been designing their own line of products since 1998, including the Eau Good water bottle and the Hot Pot BBQ, keeping busy in separate offices connected by technology. Bernard Brucha of MASHstudios Founder of Los Angeles-based MASHstudios, multidisciplinary designer Bernard Brucha keeps busy designing lines of furniture, as well as new office and retail spaces for clients with big names. See how this sought-after designer does it all throughout the span of one day. Howkapow Another trip across the pond lands us in Bristol, England with the dynamic duo that make up Howkapow, a shop that carries a curated mix of smile-inducing goods from independent designers and illustrators. We follow along to see how this super fun pair spends their day.



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