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2013 Year in Review: Taste

Design Milk

When Pinch Food Design came on board to share with us their monthly delectable take on food and food design, we were deliciously delighted. We look forward to their nosh-worthy treats every month and in case you missed any, heres a look back at Taste. Feeding the Creativity of Artists Pinch Food Design checked out the Nourriture Premiere exhibit by Elizabeth Leriche while strolling the aisles of Maison Objet in Paris. The whole exhibit was dedicated to food and had inspired artists to rethink the future and present of food and design. The Food Photography of Henry Hargreaves The duo spent the month getting inspired and became obsessed with the work of Henry Hargreaves beautiful food photography. Material du Jour Copper Pinch Food Design gets inspired by materials that help lure people in to try something new. This time, the material is copper, which they sometimes use as part of their food furniture to display their eats. Chefs Table: A Recipe for Fun (+ A Recipe for Scallops!) Pinch designs a table to bring the presentation out of the kitchen and into the party. Plus, a bonus of a fun scallops recipe youll definitely want to try. Food Idioms: Conceptual Food Photography by Beth Galton While taking a creative break, the duo stumbled upon the work of Beth Galton whose conceptual food photography results in some stunning brainteasers. Ad Tempus by Henry Richmond V. Young A look at a project from one of the newest members of the food design community that explores how designers and chefs collaborate. Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Wings with Celery Cambozola Blue Cheese A delicious hors d?oeuvre whose flavors have been broken down and put back together with a slight enhancement on each ingredient. Vegetable Decor Gets Modern Every Fall, as the sweaters come out, so do the decorative gourds. Sometimes autumnal vegetable décor cant be helped so heres a roundup of some modern alternatives. Gossip For 2: A Bittersweet Cake Filled With Juicy Details A pastry chef and a food designer partner up to create a unique cake, the first of its kind, that is made for two people to enjoy together while having a close conversation. Skip the Eggnog for Some Spiked Horchata And finally, why not try a delicious alternative to the traditional eggnog.



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