viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

25 Gifts under $50


We have soooo many gift guides coming up. Theres one that Im really excited about (heres a hint), but first were tackling the budget guides. I honestly love gift guide season a.k.a. catch up on TV time In making this guide, I blew through all the episodes of Parenthood that I had missed this fall, Grace introduced me to Summer Heights High, and I maybe have been sneaking some Greys Anatomy into the mix. (My one criteria is that it needs to be a show that doesnt require me to look up too frequently from the computer.)  So yesterday, I shared my favorite picks in the under $25 category and today here are my favs in the under $50 category. There are so many things in this guide that I have on my own wishlist Ive wanted to hang a ship from my ceiling for years. I think I was just waiting for this kite to be made.  Im dying over that Japanese needlepoint clutch, and I have a perfect spot on my bookshelf for the Montessori blocks. Sigh. Did I mention that the downside of gift guide making is the temptation to shop? -Amy See all the under $50 picks after the jump! (more)



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