viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

25 Holiday Cards To Spread The Cheer


1. Sugar Paper Happy Holidays Wreath | 2. Emily McDowell Let It Snow?Within Reason | 3. Sugar Paper Red Happy Holidays | 4. Egg Press Merry Christmas Snappy New Year | 5. Banquet Rudolph Bear | 6. Mr. Bodingtons Studio 101 Ornaments | 7. 9th Letter Press Fa La La Although December 25th and the unwrapping of gifts on Christmas morning tends to be the main event of the holiday season, I love the days leading up to Christmas?perhaps even more. Walking down the snowy streets, shop windows ablaze with twinkle lights and holiday tunes flooding out of their doors, the classic Silver Bells lyrics come to mind?in the air, theres definitely a feeling of Christmas. Sometimes anticipation and the excitement that comes with the holidays trumps the Big Day. One of my absolute favorite things about holiday anticipation is the cards that begin to fill my mailbox this time of year. E-mail has sadly removed the handwritten letter from our lives?except, that is, during this wonderful yuletide time. I love a nice Christmas gift just as much as the next person, but there is something especially charming and heartwarming about a hand-scrawled note arriving in the mail. As these cards begin to line my mantle, thats when the holiday cheer really begins to kick in. There are only about twenty days left before Christmas, so now is the time to run to the stationery store to get your box of holiday cards. Here are a few of our handpicked favorites, perfect for spreading the holiday cheer! ?Max (more)



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