sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013

30 Gifts for the Gardener


As much as I wish I was able to have my own garden, Im so thankful for the friends and family whove been kind enough to share theirs with me this year. From fresh tomatoes at my parents home in Virginia to herbs from a friends Brooklyn terrace garden, I felt the garden love even in my concrete-covered space. So to thank those people who let me share in the rewards of their green thumb expertise, Ive rounded up 30 fantastic gifts for the gardener, florist or plant-lover in your life. And if youre like me and just want to live in a world with a little more flower-love, there are a few accessories in here (like flower petal-embedded sunglasses) that work for even those without a green patch of their own. xo, grace All shopping sources and 20 more gift ideas continue after the jump! (more)



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