jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

8 DIY Driftwood Centerpieces For Festive Decorating


Driftwood is an ideal material for creating ? it?s eco-friendly, you needn?t spoil any tree to get it and looks chic! Driftwood can be used for different crafts, and it?s especially cool for coastal décor. No matter if you have a holiday or not ? make a driftwood centerpiece that would attract attention! The easiest way to make one is to cut out or drill some holes in a piece of driftwood and insert candles ? it?s chic, enjoyable and very easy! You can also place little vases and put flowers in them or maybe plant some cute succulents. Look for some ideas below and enjoy!Similar Posts:DIY Driftwood Candle Holder14 Awesome Driftwood Christmas Trees You Can MakeHow To Make Crated Succulent PlantersDIY Driftwood Key HolderHow To Make A Mini Succulent Garden From A Piece Of WoodDIY Frame VasesTo Create A Flower Masterpiece Continue reading about 8 DIY Driftwood Centerpieces For Festive Decorating...



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