jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2013

8 Flora & Fauna Christmas Ornaments


Before I jump over to holiday trimmings and other forms of decoration, I wanted to share a few more ornaments that fall into the category of flora fauna. I love all of the natural ornaments that Emily Thompson did for Terrain this year (above)- theyre such a nice spin on the idea of traditional and modern tree decorations. Whether youre celebrating your love of greenery or just your family pet, hopefully these ornaments will give you a few more ideas for trimming your holiday tree. xo, grace Image above, clockwise from top left: Glass mushroom ornament $8, Emily Thompson Rattlesnake Grass Globe $28, Emily Thompson Umbrella Fern Globe $26, Felt Fish Ornaments $9, Whippet Ornament $24, Beaded Dachshund Ornament $25, Rock Icon Fox Ornament $2.50, Sylvan Bell Ornaments $18-$24



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