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A Family Home that Redefines Living with Pets and Kids


Who says kids and glamour cant go together? Certainly not Southern California designer Betsy Ginn of SMID. Shes all about injecting glamour into even the most practical of design spaces. In her home, the result is a space that juxtaposes vintage glamour with a rock n roll edge. Every part of her home is lived in the concrete floors are perfect for riding bikes indoors, the chalkboard entry wall gets a lot of use from little hands and even the artwork was created by the smallest family members that would be daughter Charlie and son Paxton. In addition to the kids, Betsy and husband Stewart juggle two dogs Bommer and Pig Dog. Theyve lived in the house for nine years and renovated the upstairs shortly after moving in, but Betsy has only recently turned her attention to the downstairs of the home. Betsy describes her style as a little Audrey Hepburn meets leather and tattoos and she strives to master juxtaposition in all of her design projects as she uncovers the personality of her clients and finds ways to articulate those personalities in the design of their space. Here, shes done just that for herself. Thanks, Betsy! And a big thank you to Renata Stone for the lovely photographs. -Amy Image above: This is by far my most favorite room in the house because it such a great representation of juxtaposition and everything I believe in.  Believe it or not, this room use to be a small dark guest room with only two windows that looked outside underneath a balcony. I wanted our house to be light and open. We have a beautiful back yard and beautiful weather here on the coast. Our house needed to invite that light in and reflect the feel of the outside. To get more light, we opened up three walls. The room where you see the yellow four-posted bed and the opening on the left used to be outside. We expanded out and closed in under the balcony.  The old wooden doors were salvaged and painted high-gloss white. I did not want these doors to simply open and close like any old door. I was going for more of a statement. So we put them on a track and hung them as barn doors allowing for more light and functionality. When open, they frame the room.  When closed, its a dramatic statement. I chose the ball chandelier to play off the round molding on the doors. The black seats are an old vintage find, representing the glamour in the room. The couch and the rams (both vintage consignment finds) are very playful. I toughened up the look a bit with the raw cement floors and the wooden coffee table. The coffee table was an old work bench that had been thrown out, and I saved it! I cut it in half using the lower half for the coffee table in this room. The other half is outside. The kids use it for their art or outdoor eating table.  Our ceilings in this downstairs area were lower than our ceilings upstairs. To counteract that, I used furniture that was lower to ground to give an illusion of more height in the room. I used blue metal paint in eggshell by HDC. Image above: This was my old childhood bed. I gave it a new flashy life by painting it bright yellow. I used Unmellow Yellow in high-gloss by Behr.  The pillows were such a great splash of color and texture for this room, I couldnt resist them. (more)



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