jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Apartment Design For Young Man & Woman

Interior Design Ideas

Designed by visualizer Andrey Volkov, the look builds slowly with a minimalistic living room scheme that gathers its warmth from the rich wood tone of the entertainment feature wall.Bold, low hanging pendant lights give the design an extra layer.A sparse kitchen gives way to a quaint eating area, flanked with wood cladding that matches the facing wall.The bedroom is a little glimmer of design genius: To start, the tiny area appears luxurious with an entire wall dedicated to the headboard, where a glossy black horizon line adds an illusion of extra width to the narrow dimensions. Closet doors are mirrored to trick the eye and increase the feeling of space further, whilst also concealing clutter from view But its at the foot of the bed where the magic really happens; the dividing wall from the lounge of this small apartment is butted up against the footboard, and this problem has been resolved by creating double doorways from each side of the bed, and an integrated flatscreen TV that distracts from the close proximity perfectly.The apartment designed for a young woman, by Skripkin Elena, is a crazy clash of prints brought together in one strong color palette of red, black and white.Marble patterned floor tiles create a stage for the dining and cooking area.Gold mesh pendant lights adorn the ceiling, and brick mirror tiles add even more decoration to the walls.Antique style cutlery illustrations on the kitchen wall tiles make a quirky addition.The bedroom is even more busy!Related Posts: His and Hers Apartment Interior Design by Angelina Alexeeva [Visualized] Cute Girls Rooms 100 Girls Room Designs: Tip & Photos Kids Room Decor: Themes and Color Schemes Bachelor Pad Ideas Adorable Sleeping Baby Dreamscapes



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