domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

Artist-Designed Yoga Mats

Design Milk

Grey Area will debut a collection of seven artist-designed yoga mats during Art Basel in Miami next month in partnership with the Morgans Hotel Group and Lululemon Athletica. The mats feature designed by Daniel Arsham, Eric Cahan, Wim Delvoye, Kon Trubkovich, Jon Kessler, Grey Area and @earlboykins (Andrew Kuo). If youre familiar with yoga, you know that the mat is an essential grounding force in yoga practice. You spend a lot of time just staring down at your mat in mindful concentration, so Grey Area thought that this would be an ideal location for some art. Eric Cahan @earlboykins (Andrew Kuo) Inspired by the Hindu metaphysical tradition of the seven body chakras, this first collection is inspired specifically by Sahasrara, or the crown chakra. Represented by the color violet, the crown chakra is the physical manifestation of the self?where one?s creativity and higher consciousness reside. The mats are backed in purple to celebrate this spirit. Spanning the spectrum from complex to simple, Grey Area?s yoga mats serve to broaden the boundaries of one?s practice and incorporate art further into our daily rituals. Enhancing the quiet, Cahan and Arsham?s serene imagery expand upon one?s sense of space. Delvoye and Kuo take a more satirical approach, appropriating pop cultural references to question the boundary between the mainstream and the sacred. Kessler?s design playfully addresses the action of rolling the mat, relating it to less wholesome practices, while our own design offers an alternative surface for ones practice. Trubkovich?s mat confronts the viewer with a distorted portrait to force a greater awareness of one?s body and self, contrasting perception with the factual. United by medium, these diverse works come together to create our first dynamic collection. Wim Delvoye Daniel Arsham Kon Trubkovich Jon Kessler Grey Area During Art Basel Miami, you can enjoy daily yoga classes at all of the Morgan Hotels Miami locations. The mats will be available for sale starting on December 2nd at the Delano, Shore Club and Mondrian Hotel as well as at Art Basel Miami Beach (D.A.P.) and Design Miami (Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum).



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