sábado, 21 de diciembre de 2013

Before & After: A Bedroom Freshened with, you guessed it, Black and White!


I dont think I could be more thrilled with the sudden Black-and-White takeover the design world has taken in recent times. Everywhere I turn, people are starting to embrace this bold and previously intimidating non-color palette. While some might think that black and white is too stark or hyper-modern, many of the Before Afters weve run in the last year prove quite the contrary. From this stunning Hudson Valley home transformation  to the safari-themed nursery we ran just last week, homeowners and designers are mixing natural touches with black and white for a fresh, yet totally warm feeling. Homeowner and designer Dana Frieland also had a chance to revel in the beauty of black and white when tasked herself with transforming her 1984 Dallas homes master bedroom. I couldnt wait to paint and get rid of the all-over (walls and ceiling) green color and turn the space into something with a more contemporary vibe. Through a combination of large graphic touches, reconfigured furniture, and, of course, black and white, Dana did just that. The end result is a space that looks both wonderfully contemporary and inviting. Check out all of the photos plus Danas notes and design sources after the jump! ?Max (more)



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