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Before & After: A Queens Townhouse Kitchen Gets a Chic Update


There is a type of kitchen cabinetry that, if youve ever rented or owned an apartment, you are likely to be familiar with. Im not sure where its from ?I cant recall seeing its generic beveled edges and mid-tone wood staining in any store Ive ever visited?but if I had to guess, I would say that it was handpicked directly from Hell. Over the course of my life as an apartment-renter in New York City, this dreadful apartment cabinetry has haunted me from one dwelling to the next, thwarting any attempts to otherwise spruce up the space with its abject ugliness. This is why I have a special place in my heart for the brave, handier-than-myself souls who choose to valiantly vanquish these vile cabinets from their living spaces. This kitchen/living room space, from the Queens Townhouse of Bespoke Onlys Melissa Lee, does this and more. Faced with a living space that had all the fixings of a poorly realized 1990s renovation (wall-to-wall carpeting, disastrously subdivided rooms, and the aforementioned CABINETS OF DOOM), Melissa wasted no time in completely gutting the entire apartment. We removed the walls that used to divide the the old kitchen, the adjacent living room and a small bedroom, Melissa says. The result was an airy and expansive layout that completely transformed the flow as well as the overall feel in this home. With beautiful Russian oak flooring, stunning modern furniture, and new cabinets from IKEA (holla!), the space has gone from dull and drab to completely beautiful. Check out the rest of the photos plus Melissas design notes and sources after the jump! ?Max (more)



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