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Best Get Out! Posts of 2013

Design Milk

Who doesnt love the great outdoors, whether its swinging in a swing or in a hammock, sitting around a fire with friends, or watching the birds? It might be winter now, but thats no reason not to head outside to see the 10 best outdoor finds from this years Get Out! column. 10. NeighBirds by Andreu Carulla Studio for Utoopic Modular, hexagon-shaped birds nests that can be connected together to help the birds form a community, making it easier for baby birds to leave the nest if the parents are close by. 9. Lightwave: A Sculptural Bench by After Architecture A colorful and wavy bench that reframes the idea of public seating and brings about a highly accessible public art installation to Cornell Universitys campus. 8. Faro Mini Fireplace by Rui Pereira Ryosuke Fukusada Technology is causing families to become disconnected so this duo created an outdoor fireplace to increase socializing by having a place to gather around. 7. Outdoor Concrete Seating by Hard Goods Arizona-based Hard Goods handcrafts a beautiful, classic collection of furniture made from concrete, wood, and steel that are perfect for outdoors. 6. Plastic Bird House by Colectivo da Rainha A water company challenged a design firm to find a way to re-use the companys PET plastic bottles and the result was a really creative birdhouse. 5. Opot Wall Planter by Clara del Portillo A simple concept: A piece of Tyvek film with two eyelets that are brought together on one nail to form a wall-mounted planter for indoors or out. 4. Adagio Outdoor Swing by Francesco Rota Nothing says fun quite like a swing and when you find one thats adult-sized, even better. A colorful basket swing that can be used outdoors or even in to bring a few squeal-inducing moments to your life. 3. The Urban Beehive by Rowan Dunford Bee populations are dwindling so luckily there are people looking for solutions to help, like ideas for bringing beekeeping to urban environments. This modern hive is perfect for beginners and removes any fear that might come with starting a hive. 2. Triple Hammock from Trinity Hammocks Theres nothing more relaxing than lounging around in a hammock and now you can do so with two other friends in the Triple Hammock. And the most popular Get Out! post of 2013 is 1. Cacoon Hanging Chair If youre looking for a cozy spot to lounge in the great outdoors, the Cacoon Hanging Chair has you covered, literally. Take it camping or hang it from a tree in your yard and you have the perfect place to chill alone or with a friend.



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