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Best Skim Milk Posts of 2013

Design Milk

We look forward to our Skim Milk column every week, where Leo explores minimalist, scaled back designs. From architecture to home furnishings to tech gear, hes got you covered. Take a look back at the top 10 most popular posts from 2013: 10. BN0032 Steel Range by Braun A minimalist timepiece with a simple, classic design that never goes out of style. Based on a style by the infamous Dieter Rams, this watch is the perfect understated piece to rock on your wrist. 9. Minimalist Childrens Toys: Machi by Kukkia A set of tactile and vividly-colored wooden toys that let kids get involved and use their imaginations to create, change, and reinvent how toys are played with. 8. Dock Tray by Alain Berteau A wooden, multifunctional accessory for your iPad that lets you prop your device up on all four sides or lay it flat on top of the tray. Theres also plenty of storage space to hold your phone, wallet, or any other small accessories. 7. Príncipe?s Box House by u+a arquitectura A minimal home of only 53-square-meters of space thats located on the top floor of an old building. The space was gutted and smaller compartments were built to house the bathroom, laundry room, and closet. 6. White Cave House by Takuro Yamamoto Architects A home in Japan whose entire residence, both inside and out, are stark white. A central courtyard keeps the space light and bright. 5. Felt Case by cloudandco A felt case to house your devices, like an iPad, MacBook Air 11, or Samsung Galaxy Tablet, that also protects and organizes them at the same time. 4. Float Wall Desk by Orange22 A sleek and minimal design that easily mounts to an existing wall and creates a multifunctional space to work. A slide out tray can hide accessories or a keyboard and mouse. 3. House T by Tsukano Architect Office Located in Miyazaki, Japan, this house was built to be a simple white box to shield the family from unpleasant road and nearby apartment noise. 2. Bear House by Onion This quirky, Onion-designed house, located in Cha-Am Beach, Thailand, is pretty unforgettable. It was designed around the homeowners prized-possesions: their Be@rbrick figurines. And the most popular Skim Milk post of 2013 is 1. W+W Stationary Series by Oliver Franz A desktop accessory thats made from both ceramic and wood, two elements that complement each other. The design is meant to keep you organized by housing your office supplies and even your iPhone.



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