jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Capture the Color of Anything with the SwatchMate Cube

Design Milk

You know how when youre out and about and you run across a color you want to remember for something? Say you want to use it in a design or to paint your walls with but cant quite get it right. You can never get an accurate read with your phones camera either. Now theres the Cube, a handheld device from SwatchMate that lets you capture the exact color. You simply place the Cube on any object with a color you want to save, pair it with your phone using Bluetooth, and it records the exact color to your smartphone or directly into Photoshop on your computer. The Cube contains an internal sphere and when light is shown on the surface, it captures all color information. You can store up to 20 colors at a time. SwatchMate has successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign but you might still be able to pledge. If you miss the window, Im sure this nifty device will be on the market in just a matter of time.



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